Monday, August 24, 2009

McTucker Ponds

On Saturday I took my two children (5 and 2) to McTucker Ponds out by Springfield Idaho. At the first pond I caught a couple of fish - two bluegill - one was a whopping 4" and the other 6" inches. We then switched ponds and my 5 year old daughter was the star of the day. With her barbie fishing pole, a clear bubble, and a bead head prince nymph she started catching fish like crazy. She caught 20+ fish which was fun to see. They were all small bluegill (4-6") but it was a great time. Pretty much every cast she was reeling in another fish.

The hot flies for these "monster" gills were black bead head woolly worms and bead head prince nymphs.

McTucker Ponds is a great place for little children to fish especially if you actually want to catch fish. They may not be huge but it will be fun.

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