Thursday, August 06, 2009

Blackfoot River access - Monsanto Opens Fox Hills Ranch to Public Fishing

I emailed Monsanto regarding the Blackfoot River access at what is called the Fox Hills Ranch. Here is the information that I was provided by Bob Pierce:

Monsanto Opens Fox Hills Ranch to Public Fishing
Once Closed Eight Mile Section of Upper Blackfoot Now Open to Anglers

Soda Springs, ID (August 5, 2009) - The public may now fish over eight
miles of the upper Blackfoot River that has been closed for nearly a
decade. The opening was announced by Monsanto Company in Soda Springs.
The company recently purchased the Fox Hills Ranch, a 2200-acre property
bounding the Blackfoot River both to the north and south as it leaves
the highlands and empties toward the Blackfoot Reservoir.

"Keeping this property from subdivision and high-end real estate
development was our primary reason in purchasing it," noted Dave
Farnsworth, Minerals Lead for Monsanto. "But we're pleased to be able
to increase the public's access for recreational fishing opportunities."
Access to the Blackfoot River through Monsanto's Fox Hills Ranch is
limited to foot traffic and drift boats, but those boating or floating
should be cautious about cross-stream fences.

Farnsworth credited the Idaho Fish and Game Department for a
program that makes this opening possible. "Fish and Game's 'Access
Yes!' program provides a much needed framework for granting the public
access to private property. We are very grateful to them for approving
our application so as to make fishing opportunities available this

Access Yes! is an Idaho Fish and Game program designed to
improve sportsmen's access to private land. Cooperating land owners can
be compensated under the program, although Monsanto has declined to
receive any money. "The fact that Fish and Game will provide oversight
and enforcement of their own rules through this stretch of the river is
payment enough," said Farnsworth.

He concluded, "We merely ask the public to respect the
property so that other anglers can enjoy it as well."

Road directions from Soda Springs:

Travel north out of the City of Soda Springs, Idaho, on US Highway 34
going toward Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for 7.8 miles to the intersection
with the "Blackfoot River Road." Turn right onto the Blackfoot River
Road. The first bridge will cross the Blackfoot River. Continue
traveling 2 miles. The ranch property on the right will be the Fox
Hills Ranch, with the Blackfoot River running through it and clearly
visible from the road.

Thank you to Bob Peirce ( for this information and to Monsanto to allowing access to this property. Remember to respect the property, don't leave trash, and enjoy the fishing.

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