Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Lemhi Mountain Range - Yellow Peak and Iron Creek Peak

Here are a couple of panorama's from the Lemhi Mountain Range in central Idaho home to the Lemhi River, Little Lost River, Hayden Creek, and lots of small streams:

Lemhi Mountains

Sawmill Canyon

Monday, August 11, 2014

Video - Blackfoot River Flyfishing

Here's a video of my dad catching a cutthroat on the Blackfoot River. Right after I quit filming he landed two in the 20" range. As usual my timing was imperfect at best.

Weekend Fishing - Blackfoot River Idaho

To celebrate my Father's birthday, we went fishing on Blackfoot River on Saturday. We caught probably 40+ fish between the two of us in about 5 hours. My dad hooked into two really nice 20+ inch cutthroats but lost them before I could get my act together and net them. He did land a couple in the 20" range and caught quite a few 6-12" cutthroats.

I landed one beautiful cutthroat - a 24" 4-5 pounder on a grasshopper fly that I skittered (my word for moving the fly across the surface of the water at the end of a run) across the water. He came up and drilled it on the surface. It was awesome to watch him come up and bust the grasshopper.

Here are some pictures of the big cutthroat:

yellowstone cutthroat trout

yellowstone cutthroat trout

No one fly was hotter than the other. We caught fish on bead head prince and hare's ear nymphs, various grasshopper patterns, and on a blue damsel fly.

Another awesome fishing day on the Blackfoot River.

Weekend Fishing Report - McTucker Ponds

Friday - McTucker Ponds

Friday was my son's birthday and for his birthday party we went fishing with the cousins to McTucker Ponds. They all caught quite a few little green sunfish and had a great time catching fish. The green sunfish at McTucker Ponds are all pretty small but it is a great place for kids to go and to catch a lot of fish.

Here are some pics:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sublett Reservoir Fishing Report

I wandered off my normal beaten path and took my son to Sublett Reservoir in Cassia County. The water was very very low and the reservoir doesn't have much left to it. We caught one 14" rainbow on a green bead head woolly bugger. I had more strikes but the fishing were just nipping at the tail end of the fly so strikes didn't result in hook ups.

When we left we drove above the reservoir and noticed 20+ fish probably all in the 16-20" range about 20 feet from shore sitting in the old stream channel. If we had seen these fish sooner we probably would have tried some sight casting to them. Oh well.

Fishing at Sublett Reservoir

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Idaho's Blackfoot River

Last Friday our group of 4 caught over 30 fish on the Upper Blackfoot River. It wasn't the best day but each of us caught one fish over 20". My sister-in-law landed a 23 inch Cutthroat. Regretfully we didn't have a camera at that moment.

Hot flies:

  1. Bead head prince/hare's ear nymph (size 14-16)
  2. Blue Damsel Fly
Grasshoppers are starting to get thick!

Here are some pics:

Steve Petersen

Monday, July 07, 2014

Blackfoot River Idaho - Catching a Yellowstone Cutthroat on the fly

Here's a video of my younger brother catching a cutthroat on the Blackfoot River (and getting his line all messed up!):

Blackfoot River Idaho

The Blackfoot River was a low for this time of year but the fishing was ok. I caught 6 cutthroats - one 21", 2 16", and the rest were 8-10". I lost a couple of nice fish too. The best carp!! Last year carp were everywhere but it looks like the carp trap is back in the river and doing its job.

Hot flies:

  1. Black and red/orange bead head woolly bugger (size 4)
  2. Bead Head Hair's Ear (size 14)
  3. Bead Head Prince Nymph (size 14)
  4. A white Thingamabob (yes I had numerous trout try to take my strike indicator!)

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will see the blue damselflies and some other fly hatches.

Here is the 21" cutthroat caught on a black and red woolly bugger (size 4) (same pic/different angle):