Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Beadhead Hare's Ear

This is the pattern that was killer on the Blackfoot River earlier this year. All the 14"+ fish were taking this fly like crazy. They were hitting the fly at the end of the run when the fly hit the end of the fly line and there was tension on the line - essentially when the fly was floating in the whole for a few seconds. Here's the detailed info:

HOOK: 5262 or 3761, sizes 8-18 (Size 14-16 was tops on the Blackfoot)
THREAD: Brown or black
TAIL: Hares mask guard hairs or fibers clipped from a squirrel or rabbit Zonker Strip
RIB: Gold mylar tinsel or copper wire
ABDOMEN: Blended hares ear; keep it thin
WINGCASE: Turkey tail coated with Flexament
THORAX: Same as abdomen. After tying, pick out a few hairs so they look like legs


The Hares Ear can be tied weighted or unweighted. Dark brown is the most productive body color; dark olive and tan can also work well, but be sure to compare the color of wet dubbing to the natural (and wet) insect.

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