Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Flies for Idaho 3 - Bead Head Hares Ear


Hook:# 8-18 heavy nymph
Bead: 1/8-5/64th gold bead depending on hook size
Thread: Red 6/0 uni thread
Tail: Guard hairs from Hares mask or ear
Rib: Small gold Ultra wire
Abdomen: Hares ear plus dubbing (natural Hares –ear)
Wing case: Turkey tail feather
Thorax: Hares ear plus dubbing (natural Hares-ear)

A bead head hare's ear is a must have for any Idaho fly box. It imitates most nymph patterns and works as a prime dropper pattern off a hopper, terrestrials, wooly worms, etc. Fish will often pass the top fly only to hit the dropper hare's ear as it passes. I recommend keeping at least 8 of these in your box with sizes between 12-18 (mostly in the 14-16 range).

Good luck with your fishing!

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