Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Days of Fishing

This last weekend I spent three days fishing three different locations:

1. Blackfoot River. On Monday I fished on the upper Blackfoot River and had an ok day. I caught 12 fish, three over 17 inches. I lost one big cutthroat that was probably a 24" fish. The fish were a little sluggish because the night before a heavy thunderstorm messed up the water quality. I caught the fish on a medium sized foam hopper (size 8) and a hairs ear nymph (size 16). The 21" trout is in the picture:

2. East Fork Teton River (Bitch Creek - sorry for the name). On Saturday I fished on Bitch Creek which flows into the Teton River. It is a beautiful mountain stream with big boulders and slippery footing. You'll need good shoes and be in good shape to fish this stream. I caught 10-12 fish, one 16 and one 14 incher. All fish were cutthroats. Most of the fish were caught on a size 16 prince nymph and a couple on foam hoppers. Here are some pictures of the creek:

3. McTucker Ponds. On Friday I went with my kids to McTucker Ponds and they caught 20+ bluegill and smallmouth bass each. It was a fun day for them. The fish were caught on prince nymphs and hare's ears. They really like shiny gold colored objects. It is a great place to go to get kids hooked on fishing.

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Rich Higgins said...


Stumbled upon your blog while doing some research for an upcoming trip to Idaho. Quite a few beautiful fish on here.

My father and I are going to be doing a big loop from Oregon including Silver Creek, the Henry's Fork and the South Fork. We're also planning on stopping at the Blackfoot River (I'm a sucker for cutthroats) and I was wondering about access. I know there is the Blackfoot River park and heard there was another fishing access site further upstream. Do you know the name of the other fishing access site or have any other information on where to access the river. (Not looking for secret spots, but want to make sure I'll be able to find water to fish.)

Thanks in advance and maybe I'll see you out there. I'm hoping to catch some nice cutthroats like the ones in your pictures.



PS I can give you my email if you'd rather talk over that. In a couple weeks I should have a report up and hopefully some good pictures at

Rich Higgins said...

I should have looked around a little more before asking you the question. I found the name (Stocking Ranch) and am looking forward to the trip.


Darin Letzring said...

I clearly need to hit Bitch Creek. That is some beautiful water there! That looks like a lot of fun.