Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Warm River

This last Saturday we went to the Warm River near Ashton, Idaho off the Bear Gulch parking area. The morning was a little stormy and cool but by mid afternoon it was a beautiful day. I caught 10-15 fish but only one 10" Brown. The rest were rainbows between 6" and 10" . I caught the majority on bead head prince nymphs and a few on a yellow stimulator (imitating the small golden stones that were on a few of the rocks). Overall it was a pretty slow day and a poor day for larger fish. The Warm River never has had the highest fish count compared to other rivers but it is a beautiful spring creek that drops through an impressive canyon. There are alot of deep holes that likley hold some nice trout if you could just get them to rise. Here's a picture of the Warm through one of the rapid stretches in the canyon.


saseew said...

gorgeous picture. you are such an amazing photographer! I am glad that, even though the fishing wasn't the best, you had some nice scenery and enjoyed it.

Jill said...

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Jill Kuraitis
Boise Publisher