Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Winters end?

After a few month hiatus I return in anticipation of a great fishing season in 2006. The snowpack here in Idaho is above normal which bodes well for trout fisheries. There will likely be significant runoff this year to flush the stream systems and produce excellent late summer fishing. Winter has felt like an eternity this year and spring will bring a welcome energy that has been missing for months.

Any thoughts on Public Land be sold by the federal government? Terrible idea - one of the great things about Idaho is our public land and the open and free access we have to millions of acres of wild land. Land along streams will be the first to go and fishing access will be diminished unless the public land sale is halted. Watch out if Dirk Kempthorne is appointed as Secretary of Interior. We also need to stop Butch Otter from becoming the Governor of this State or we will have no public land left. Comments welcome.

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StibitzRK said...

Pete... I can't wait to fish... and don't like the idea of our federal lands being sold off either. Great Blog!